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The letter contained surprising news: The lunar eclipse was seen there in clear skies, and the stormy weather that blocked Franklin's view didn't arrive until after it finished. Franklin was perplexed.

He felt that because the winds in Philadelphia blew strongly from the northeast — in the direction of Boston — that this was where the storm originated. Franklin began gathering weather observations from around Philadelphia and other locations and eventually determined the proper direction of movement for storm systems. In a letter in to clergyman Jared Eliot, Franklin pointed out that storms apparently occurred earlier in the region toward which the wind is blowing a wind from the northeast is blowing toward the southwest and began later for places in the direction from where the wind was emanating from.

He later would write a treatise on the behavior of coastal storms along the Atlantic Seaboard.

Under a Blood Moon: A Look at Famous Lunar Eclipses in History | Space

And to think it all began because he was deprived a view of a lunar eclipse! According to his writings, his small force of 50 Bedouin warriors succeeded in overrunning Turkish fortifications because on the night of July 4t , the defenders panicked at the sight of a total lunar eclipse. They clanged copper pots and fired their guns into the air rather than at their attackers, presumably to frighten whatever was consuming the moon.

As it turned out, the Turkish soldiers had other grounds for worry, as an Islamic tradition holds that the Day of Judgment will be heralded by a lunar and solar eclipse in the month of Ramadan, during which Lawrence's eclipse occurred. I guess we can call this a "ribbeting" occurrence. Follow us on Twitter Spacedotcom and on Facebook. Original article on Space. Have a news tip, correction or comment? Let us know at community space.

All Topics About Us More. Trees silhouette a copper moon over New Mexico in this image of the total lunar eclipse of Jan. Some even called the eclipses Blood Moons after a statement in the Book of Joel in the Hebrew Bible, that referred to the Sun turning dark and the Moon turning red before the second coming of Jesus.

Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse of 12222: Complete Guide

Other doomsday prophecies that fell short. It depends on the century you look at. Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli calculated that the occurrence of lunar tetrads varies over centuries. Some have several lunar tetrads, while others do not have any. For example, the years between and did not have any tetrads, whereas the next years—from to —will have 17 tetrads. The current century— to —will have eight tetrads. The first tetrad of the 21st century took place in , the second was in —, and the next will be in —, with the following eclipses:.

Why the moon turns red

This name comes from the fact that October is usually when hunters spend time hunting game and preparing meat for the coming winter. More details about upcoming Eclipses. Topics: Astronomy , Eclipses , Moon. This partial lunar eclipse, the last lunar eclipse of , is visible from Australia, Africa, South America, most of Europe and Asia. See the Sun turn dark during the total solar eclipse on July 2, The full experience, from the start of the partial eclipse to the end, will last 3 hours and 17 minutes.

The peak of the total lunar eclipse will happen shortly after day's end on Sunday, Jan.

Nasa captures historic eclipse and blood moon from all over the world

This peak is also known as the "greatest eclipse" and is defined as the moment when the moon comes closest to the axis of Earth's shadow. Below is a lunar eclipse timetable for several locations from which the celestial event is visible, based on information from timeanddate. People in Hawaii and eastern Africa will catch the dramatic lunar eclipse as the moon rises and sets over the horizon, respectively.

Those viewers will see a total eclipse, but not all of the partial eclipse that leads up to and ends the celestial event. All of North and South America, including the Caribbean nations, will see the entire event. People in countries in Europe such as Iceland, Ireland and Portugal will also get to view all of the eclipse. And although people in the Ukraine and Turkey won't catch the whole eclipse, they'll still wake up to an impressive lunar sight.

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A new moon occurs roughly every month, when the moon's far side is facing the sun and the moon's near side is in darkness. Every time a viewer sees the moon, it's always the same face, because the moon is tidally locked with Earth. So, when the moon is between the sun and Earth, a viewer doesn't see the near side; it cannot be seen in the sky. New moons are the phases that produce the other major celestial-shadow event: solar eclipses. A lunar eclipse occurs during the full-moon phase, the opposite phase to new moon. During lunar eclipses Earth sits in the middle, between the sun and the moon.

That's how the moon is able to pass through the planet's shadow.

Columbus' trick

The last total lunar eclipse occurred on July 27, , and was visible over Africa and countries in Central Asia such as India. Several months prior, on Jan.