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But as I was saying this thing which is so good in itself, and was so useful at that time is an occasion for much danger as our sad times and the experience of our great misfortune teach us. Thus those who govern the Church have placed a certain and duly measure in this business ordering that the Sacred Scripture not circulate in vulgar languages so that the common people could read them.

If one may marvel and in truth it its something to marvel at that among a people of the same religion it should happen that something which was once of great advantage to them has become something dangerous and mainly in things of such importance that if he were to look in to the origin of evil getting to know its sources I would say at least to my mind that the causes are twofold: ignorance and pride, pride more so than ignorance.

The Christian people have fallen little by little into these evils from their primitive virtue. Ignorance has been on the side of those whose business is knowledge and declaring these books and pride on the side of the same and everyone else though in a different manner for in these pride, honor, and presumption and the title of professors which they presumed about without deserving it blinded their eyes that they neither noticed their own faults nor did they become convinced that it would be well for them to take care to study and learn what they did not know or promised to find and this same attitude not only affected the latter by taking away their will to be instructed in such literature and books but they became convinced that they too could know and understand for themselves.

Thus the people thought themselves masters and the former not being able to be what they were or should be, light became darkness so that among the people reading the Scriptures became an occasion for conceiving many very pernicious errors that were bubbling up and being discovered at ever hour. But as the church prelates could take the Scriptures from the unlearned they could also place and set them at the attention, desire and understanding of those that are to teach them, this misery would not have to be cried over as much.

These ones being like the heavens, rich and full of the virtue of this treasure, a great good could be derived for the lesser which are the soil on which they have influence. But for many this is in reverse in that they not only do not know the Books they either despise them or they do not seem to show much appreciation for those who are familiar with them. And bloated and content with a little taste of certain propositions they have the title of professors and theologians and they do not have any of the Theology.

The beginning of which are the propositions of the Scholastics and the nourishment of doctrine which the saints write about and the height and perfection of which are the Sacred Letters to whose understanding everything before is ordered as a necessary end. Yet leaving these and taking up the subject of the common people this damage by which they became useless for the reading of Scripture another, I do not know if a worse one, has followed: they have given free reign over to the reading of thousands of books which are not only worthless but definitely damaging which have grown in our age more than any other as by the art of the devil as well as the lack of good books.

And it has happen to us like the earth which when it does not produce wheat it gives way to thorns. It would say that this second danger is greater than the first, for in the former men lose a greater instrument to be good in the latter but in the former it makes them apt for evil, there the control of virtue is loosen, here vice is egged on. Truly if we wish to look into it with attention and be just judges we cannot but find that a great part of the backsliding and perdition that is found continually in our manners comes from these disconcerting, books.

And the zealous for God find in them a flavor of paganism and faithlessness- that I do not know if in any age of the Christian people has been felt as strong- in my judgment the source and cause of it all are such books.

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It is a case for great compassion that many simple pure people are lost in this before being warned about it, and without knowing how or why they find themselves poisoned and they dash themselves on this hidden bolder. Since many of these writings usually circulate among young damsels and girls and their parents do not pay it any mind for which all the rest of the candor they have comes to not.

Therefore since the writing of sound doctrine has always been beneficial which awaken souls and lead them towards virtue in this time it is so necessary in my judgment that all those in whom God has placed for such a task have the obligation of busying themselves with it, writing in our language for common use some things which are either inspired by the Sacred Scriptures, close to or dealing with the same material so that they supplement them with the common task of mankind and that they take away the vain and dangerous books, replacing then with the more salutary books.

As in war strongholds are laid siege and surrounded, attacked on all sides, with all the engines that the military discipline teaches us. It is necessary that this same thing be done by the good and learned minds of the times without one being careless with another in a bad use so towering and fortified as this one which we are talking about.

Thus I judge it and have always done so. And even I know myself to be the least among all those who can serve the Church on this matter I am talking about, I have always desired to serve in said capacity and I could, and on account of my bad health and many I have not done it until now. But since my past busy and troubled life was an obstacle for me putting my desire and wisdom into action it does not appear that I should lose the occasion of this leisure which the injury and ill will of some people has placed me. Because though the travails that surround me are many but the long favor of heaven that God, the true father of the oppressed, gives me without deserving it, and the witness of conscience in the middle of the all have calmed my soul with such peace that not only in the amendment of my habits but also in the business and knowledge of truth.

I now see and can do what I could not before. And the Lord has converted this travail into my light and health and through the hands of those who tried to do me wrong he has produced my good. To whose excellent and divine mercy I would not respond in the least with the corresponding gratefulness if that now that I am able, in the way that I can according to the weakness of my fancy and strength I did not put thought into this that to my judgment is so necessary for the good of his faithful.

For this purpose some conversations came to mind which in the past years three friends of mine from my Order, two of them men of great letters and mind, had amongst each other on a certain occasion about the names by which Jesus Christ is referred to in the Sacred Scriptures.

Which one of them referred to me afterwards and because of their quality I could not forget them. And for the usefulness to the reader, the most advantageous and for my mind the sweetest material and most pleasing of all since Christ Our Lord is like a spring or better yet an ocean that comprehends in itself all the useful and the sweet that is distributed among men.

Thus speaking about Him, as if to say unwrapping this treasure is the sweetest and most precious knowledge. And by the order of right reason this knowledge is placed before the rest of treatises and sciences. This wisdom since it is the foundation of all these and it is the target which the Christian directs all his thoughts and deeds and thus the first thing we should find a place for in our soul is for his desire and for the same reason his wisdom with which this desire is born, flames up and grows.

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These perfections or a great part of them can be understood if we understood the force and meaning of the names that the Holy Spirit gives him in Sacred Scripture because these names are like small figures in which God has miraculously enclosed all that the human understanding can and should comprehend about Him.

For having put in writing afterwards what was spoken then as I review my memory, in almost the same way as it was told to me and as close as possible to the true events or their resemblance, I now send it to you Your Grace to whose service all my works are directed. Or better said, this person both God and man that is Jesus Christ. He for Whose happy birth all creatures were created and directed.

For just as the tree root was not made for itself nor the trunk that is born and sustains itself on top but one and the other together with the branches, flowers and leaves and all the rest that the tree produces is ordered and directed toward the fruit that comes out of it which is its end and completion. Thus in the same manner these extended heavens which we see and the stars that shine in them and amongst them this fount of clarity and light that illuminates everything.

The round and beautiful earth painted with flowers, the waters teaming with fish, animals, men, this whole universe so great and beautiful it is God made it for this end: to make His Son a man and produce this unique and divine fruit that is Christ. Which we can truly call the common birth of all things.

Thus does Christ for Whose birth God first created the firm and deep roots of the elements and afterwards erected on top of them the greatness of the world with such variety. Thus the branches and leaves contain all within themselves which is then embraced and summarized in Him.

Near a decade ago during the Miami epoch. So called due to the fragments of chunky shoes and beer bottles found at a certain strata of the geological record there existed a website founded on lies which Dave no relation a student at said Miami University who didst post such lies on his door.

One of them an elaborate yarn spun by an individual, Jeff Morrow by name, whose tires inexplicably burst whilst braving the wilds of Hamilton Ohio all in order to miss a university lecture. This website is remarkably still in existence.

Cambalache Carlos Gardel

An amazement given the distance of the Miami epoch and the demise of Attractions and First Run. Dave's Big Web of Lies. Now, if one were to search under a random word say parsley, one gets a string of phrases which are utterly untrue: Parsley is lighter than air. Source: Steven Grady grady xcf.

Llamado a liderar: 26 lecciones de liderazgo de la vida del Apostol Pablo

Source: tbob7 webtv. Source: Paul Wayper paulway mabula. Source: Joshua Belsky jjbelsky yahoo. The origin of the remaining fifty percent is as of yet undetermined , but it has been speculated that paper clips may be involved.

Tango Cambalache

Source: Shane-Christopher Desmond fitzroy geocities. Its aim is to inform , elucidate and uplift the human spirit. Obligatory Self-reference Obligatory Self-reference. However another meaning has to do with a critical or decisive moment that occurs in political or social institutions. Del lat. Esperanza cuyo cumplimiento parece especialmente atractivo. Viva complacencia en una persona, una cosa, una tarea, etc.

Tuesday, June 26, Eight Reasons for disbelief in God. Sunday, June 24, John the Baptist - breaking news! A satire written by a British Priest. Saturday, June 23, Famous last words of a poet. Thursday, June 21, A dream of youth. A necklace made of stars That coldly come apart Are your fair eyes Crying at me like that.

A dream of youth That dies in your farewell A timid memory that I long for A song of hope that I strove for. Caressing your soul with my solitude. Lyrical first love caresses and tortures Sweetness and pain In my awakening. And look in my heaven For your face from long ago. El cambalache- The bazaar That the world was and will be full of filth, I already know Today it happens that to be a decent man or a traitor is the same thing!

El que no llora, no mama, y el que no roba es un gil. Que a nadie importa si naciste honrao.

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  • The Lost Souls of Gilfords Falls.

On the Apostles In the times of the prophets it was enough that a man convert people by belief since they already half-heartedly believed. Catalan original: El llibre de meravelles, Ramon Llull. In other words they pretended to legislate culture by the use of power. The Tango lore is full of anecdotes referring to the periods in which it felt the wrath of the censors, the castrators of the social expression of the people at large who in many instances where inhabitants of the south part of the city.

One may only guess where the censors lived or aspired to move to. During the presidency of Gen. Led by Homero Manzi, the group began to arrive to Casa Rosada, the presidential office. Alberto Vacarezza, a well known playwright had been mugged on the bus on his way to the meeting. It is a common mistake to assume that the lyrics of the Tangos were written by uneducated pimps and compadritos. To the contrary, from Pascual Contursi to Homero Manzi, most celebrated authors were very well educated and consummated poets.

The fact that they choose to use the language of the people to write poetry to Tango music earned them the respect of all of us who love the Tango with a passion, but most of them, were seldom given the proper recognition by the ruling intellectual elite. Today, the Tango snobs of the world quote Borges or Marechal, who finally caved in to the pressure of their European fellow socialites who appreciating the Tango could not understand why they despised it so much. Even, today, the injustice continues, very few people acknowledge the gigantic work of Manzi, Contursi, and Discepolo and many others.

In the fundamental poetic line of Discepolo we see the moralist observing the social context and complaining bitterly about the depravity that surrounds him. He desperately searches for God and painfully denounces the lack of values. Discepolo contributed to a more instinctive and metaphysical vision of the Tango. In many ways he called for ethical parameters for a sociopolitical scene lacking moral attributes.

Vivimos revolcaos en un merengue y en un mismo lodo todos manoseaos… Hoy resulta que es lo mismo ser derecho que traidor..! Si uno vive en la impostura y otro roba en su ambicion, da lo mismo que sea cura, colchonero, rey de bastos, caradura o polizon… Que falta de respeto, que atropello a la razon! That the world was and always be filth, I already know… In the year five hundred and six and in the year two thousand too! There always have been thieves, traitors and victims of fraud, happy and bitter people, valuables and imitations But, that the twentieth century is a display of insolent malice, nobody can deny it anymore.

We lived sunk in a fuzz and in the same mud all well-worn… Today it happens it is the same to be decent or a traitor! Mistake of having loved blindly needlessly killing the joy of my days! Late I figured out that at the end we live as well lying … Late I confirmed that my illusion had withered loving … Poor love that is suffering the toughest bitterness!

Sueño de juventud

And now that there is no time for anything your mouth in love excites me once again. Search for:. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Madam Yvonne Return to Index. Why I sing this way The same a donkey What a great teacher! There are no postponements or ladder, the immoral have equalized us.

If one lives in the imposture and another steals in his ambition, it does not matter if it is a cure, colchonero, king of clubs, cheat or stowaway What a lack of respect, what I run over to reason! Anyone is a gentleman! Anyone is a thief! As in the disrespectful shop window of the cambalaches life has mixed and wounded by a saber without a rivet you see mourn her Bible against a water heater. Twentieth Century Cambalache problematic and feverish! He who does not cry does not breast and the one who does not worry is a gil. Give him no more! Give it that goes!